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Creative & Interactive Services, Gigapixel Photography, and Virtual Tours

TVM Graphics creates stunning, ultra-high resolution Gigapixel images, 360-degree panoramas, and virtual tours for industry, retail, tourism, culture & heritage, entertainment and science. These rich, powerful visual tools help to engage visitors and deliver powerful, memorable online experiences - a key aspect of digital marketing.

Gigapixel imagES

Gigapixel imaging is a set of cutting-edge technologies for capturing ultra-high resolution, 360-degree panoramic images, and then viewing and interacting with those images on the web. Developed in part by NASA and Carnegie-Mellon University for the Mars rover program, 'Gigapixel' is a set of related technologies that encompass digital photography, robotics, advanced software, and the internet.

You can see more of our our work here in our Gallery.

Ultra-Deep Zoom

One of the most unique aspects of Gigapixel images is the ability to take in an entire scene, while being able to navigate around and zoom in to the finest detail without any loss of image quality;

A crop of the panorama showing zoom levels

How It Works

A Gigapixel image is actually a mosaic of hundreds or even thousands of photographs, 'stitched' together into a single, seamless image. The figure below shows the hundreds of images that compose our example (266 individual images in this case). You can learn more about the complete process here.

How It Works - image showing hundereds of individual photos that make up the mosaic

We use a robotic camera (called a motion control) system, originally developed by NASA and Carnagie-Mellon University Robotics Lab for the NASA Mars Rover program. The robot ensures that each image is precisely aligned and that the whole scene is captured in perfect detail. You can learn more about our robotics system and techniques here.

Gigapixel images can be embedded on your web site, hosted on another viewer site (like Microsoft's Photosynth, Gigapan, or 360cities), or can be printed in very large formats - they can even be viewed on mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, and Windows phones and tablets!

Gigapixel Virtual Tours

High-resolution panoramas can be linked together into a seamless virtual tour, similar to Google Street Views, but with much more detail and resolution. Virtual Reality Tours (VR Tours) allow website visitors to navigate effortlessly around in a virtual environment that recreates physical spaces in amazing detail.

Intuitive, easy-to-use navigation and stunning image quality makes VR Tours ideal for virtual tourism, showrooms, University campus maps & tours, galleries and museums, shopping malls, and hundereds of other applications.

Gigapixel Virtual Tours example screenshot.

VR Tours can be viewed on iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and other mobile devices, and can be location-aware. Tours can be fully guided or navigated at will by the user, and can be augmented with ambient audio, music, and integrated video.

You can learn more about our Virtual Tours and see examples here.